Committee meetings

Wensum Residents’ Association meets once a month. While these are not strictly public meetings, if you would like to attend, see what happens or discuss an issue please do let us know and we may be able to accommodate you.

The election of committee members happens once a year, although we do have the option of co-opting members in between the annual elections.

Below is a brief summary of what was discussed and decided at recent committee meetings.

15th May 2018

The committee discussed the forthcoming traffic meeting at Wensum Community Centre on Tuesday 22nd May. Officials from Norwich City Council, as well as police representatives, are due to attend. The committee discussed ways in which to promote the event and alert local residents to the opportunity to give their opinions on the Dereham roundabout closure, permit parking and traffic levels on Hotblack Road.

The committee also discussed ways in which we can improve energy-saving measures at the community centre, including installing energy efficient lightbulbs and decreasing water wastage.

17th April 2018

The committee discussed the possibility of holding a summer open day/family BBQ for local residents to come and visit the community centre.  A sub-committee has been created to plan and organise the event.

14th March 2018

The committee met with local residents to discuss their campaign to get a pedestrian crossing at the junction of Heigham St/Mile Cross Road and Nelson St. The Wensum Residents’ Association pledged to support the campaign financially as well as providing free use of the community centre for meetings.

6th May 2017

The committee discussed the city council’s slightly disappointing response to requests for signage to parks and noticeboards and agreed to look into running a community barbecue in the garden behind the Centre as a means of promoting the Centre.

7th April 2017

The committee discussed our advertising strategy and agreed to look into the possibilities of a newsletter, leafleting, acquiring use of further noticeboards in the area.

The lack of advertising for the many well managed local parks was discussed and the committee agreed to ask the council to erect finger posts or similar to direct people from the highway. The garden behind the Centre was given as a prime example of a ‘secret’ park.

3rd March 2017

The committee agreed after discussion to pay for a website to advertise the activities of the Residents’ Association, the Community Centre, and any user groups who wish to be advertised.

The committee agree a letter is to be written to both the council and the relevant landowners adjoining Waterworks Road to ask that they prevent the hedge blocking the footpath.

The committee agree that the rental payments from usergroups to be regularised for the purpose of book keeping.


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