Wensum RA supports local campaign for safer crossing

Wensum Residents’ Association has formally offered its support to a local mother’s campaign to introduce a safer pedestrian crossing at the juction between Heigham Street and Mile Cross Road.

Lisa Stannard, a local resident, came to us last month to discuss her campaign plans, including setting up an online petition, which has so far garnered over 600 signatures.

Wensum Residents’ Association has pledged to match funding to a maximum of £70, to help with publicising the campaign. We have also offered free use of the Wensum Community Centre for meetings to discuss the ongoing issue.

Writing on Change.org, Lisa explained how her concerns for the safety of hundreds of schoolchildren, forced her to take action: “This crossing is the main crossing for both of our local schools, Nelson Infant School and Wensum Junior. This means that hundreds of children are using this crossing everyday and essentially are in danger.”

Both Nelson Infant School and Wensum Junior School have also pledged their support to the campaign.

Speaking to the EDP, Lisa describes the current crossing conditions as “an accident waiting to happen.”

Responsibility for the crossing’s safety falls jointly to the city and county council. A Norwich City Council spokseman has confimed  a safer crossing is a priority for the area, and a bid for funding is likely to be made.

Lisa will be holding a public meeting at Wensum Community Centre to gather more support and momentum for her campaign.

If you’d like to pop along to voice your support, join us from 7pm on Tuesday, 8th May.