Got local traffic concerns? Public meeting announced.

Wensum Residents’ Association are pleased to announce a public meeting with top County and City Council Officials and Councillors this Tuesday, 22nd May at 7.30pm to discuss local traffic issues. The meeting will take place at Wensum Community Centre on Hotblack Road.

The agenda is open but could include discussion of:

  • How will the 5 day closure of Guardian Rd/Dereham Rd roundabout affect you? Are the measures to prevent disruption enough?
  • Has passing traffic caused damage to your car?
  • What are the long term solutions to growing traffic volumes on residential roads?
  • Is traffic speed a problem where you live?
  • Does pavement parking affect you?
  • Would a pedestrian crossing help you get where you are going?
  • What could make cycling safer?
  • Any other road or traffic issues you might have.

Can’t attend? Do let us know your thoughts:

[email protected]